" . . . Remarkable entertainment, the likes of which New York folks don't encounter everyday."

The Christian Science Monitor


"If you have never been to the theater, Roadside Theater is a good place to start. Even if you consider the theater a second home, Roadside Theater promotes an unusual theatrical experience."—The Boston Globe

"Roadside's actors have perfected an improvisatory style that is particularly suited to the stories they have chosen to tell."—The Wall Street Journal

"This theater does not come into town with gowns and gaiters, song and dance, and then leave at the end of the show. The troupers come to town early, hang around for a while, and shine a light on a community's past."—The Cincinnati Enquirer

"These stories are told with such charm that the Appalachian world springs to life."—The Guardian UK

"Roadside's theater works on the listeners in a manner that nothing else quite matches. Most stories, after all, originated this way, by straight-out word of mouth. Maybe this is why there is some curious sense of community created in their live performance."—Charleston, SC News and Courier

"Love, laughter,a genuine poignancY"—Dayton Daily News

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"Roadside Theater is genuine Americana at its best."—Las Vegas Sun

"Roadside Theater may be geographically from a remote region of America, but spiritually this company exposes the territory of the human heart."—Los Angeles Herald Examiner

"Roadside Theater's inspiration originates in Appalachia; its appeal is universal."—Louisville Courier Journal

"Roadside is dramaturgy with a difference: a hybrid form of play-acting as organic to this hardbitten coal country as the Cumberland walnut. . .The result is magic."—Smithsonian Magazine

". . .[P]ure theater, innocuous and innocent and highly professional...." —Nashville Tennessean

"Ultimately the Roadside Theater performers insist that theater is only vital if it is a theater of conscience. . .What emerges in Roadside Theater's work is a portrait of Americans in a locale, Appalachia, that's more rich and immediate than you're likely to read in any social history. The theatrical and artistic reverberations are unceasing."—National Public Radio, Morning Edition

". . .[M]oving, charming, and above all, surprising."—Larry McMurtry, Pulitizer Prize winning author

". . .[I]nnovative...by far the most authentic and affecting expression of regional consciousness."—Alan Lomax, folklorist

"At first I didn't want to go, but I liked it a lot better than watching TV." —Bennett Morgan, Jr., Van, KY



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