DUDLEY COCKE, Artistic Director

Dudley Cocke, co-founder and Artistic Director of Roadside Theater, has served in some combination of playwright, dramaturg, and director for all Roadside productions. His teaching residencies include Cornell University, the College of William & Mary, and New York University. A co-founder of Alternate ROOTS, he has served on the boards of Theatre Communications Group and Grantmakers in the Arts, among other national organizations. For creating artistic opportunities for people whose stories are not reflected in mainstream cultural institutions, he received the 2002 Heinz Award for Arts and Humanities. He is also the recipient of Imagining America's 2017 Randy Martin Spirit Award for "demonstration of consistency and originality in scholarship, artistry, pedagogy, mentorship, and leadership, but also for exuding...generosity, sincerity, and humor."

CONTACT: dudley@roadside.org

DONNA PORTERFIELD, Managing Director

Donna is also a playwright who works on Roadside artistic projects. She served as playwright for Roadside's Thousand Kites and Voices from the Battlefront, and recently produced a community cultural development residency in Albuquerque, New Mexico in collaboration with Media Literacy Project, La Placita, Young Women United, and El Cuentro De Igualdad Y Derechos, that  resulted in the creation of a performance, From School House to Jail House.  She is the producer of Roadside’s ongoing, 30-year collaboration with traditional Native American artists in Pueblo Zuni, New Mexico. Donna's most recent script is The Future of Letcher County, a youth-led, interview-and-story-circle-generated play about eastern Kentuckians’ search for sustainable lives in their mountain communities at the end of coal mining. 

CONTACT: donna@roadside.org





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