Forty-three years. Thousands of performances, workshops, and residencies. One incredible theater archive.

With our recent move to, the team has repurposed our old site as a resource no other professional ensemble in America can boast: the Living Library, an archive of Roadside's work from 1975 to the present. It's a comprehensive near-half-century collection of creative and policy output, production histories, and media of every kind—all free for public use by artists, scholars, teachers, and activists like you. 


  • 100+ published articles, book chapters, essays, and blog posts detailing Roadside's program activities of New Play Creation, Advocacy, Community Cultural Development, and Teaching in Colleges and Communities
  • In-depth, downloadable guidelines for learning to facilitate story circles in your community or institution
  • A wealth of production, touring, and site-specific photographs documenting Roadside's work in hundreds of communities across the globe
  • Podcasts, videos, and recordings of performances, public presentations, and interviews
  • A complete timeline of Roadside's work, including major awards and milestones
  • Detailed governance and funding information




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